Friday, April 22, 2011

Amos Moses
He hit em in da head wid a stump
and then he illegally trades alligator skins and makes quite a profit
livin in da swamp ain't easy - the song

Apparently tiny Romanian women live on gigantic pills
who knew
There are two types of Santas
One who breaks in and leaves presents
and one who breaks in and steals everything
this is an example of the later
This is Mr. Allen
He is playing with a small clothed girl and a grown naked man
and he has an Oscar sippy cup
He's like a Hungry, Hungry Hippo
but he is a giant maggot
and he eats people
and he has a head for a house
and he is not a toy
She a badass bitch
The dragon has some problems of his own, but the knightess is going to slay him regardless.
Then shes gonna get a civil union with the princess and live in happiness and shared benefits.

Dagobah Gothic
Luke is old and fat and has a butane light saber instead of a real one
Yoda is fed up and dead
Don't ever become a jedi